The Fighters Club III

The Fighters Club Hong Kong III (FCHK III) locates at the edge of Causeway Bay, the central commercial area in Hong Kong thrilled with fashionable youth, expatriates, sports clubs and bars. FCHK III was the latest addition to the series of FCHK – a luxury one-to-one tailored fitness club focusing on healthy lifestyle and mentality with a touch of zest. The design focuses on the spatial experience and sequence with a careful choice of materials that would balance practicality with elegance, and luxury with budget. 

The design of FCHK III offers luxurious and upscale experience to visitors with privacy and exclusiveness during their workout, so much as a couture house to clientele, an oasis for cleansing the body and mind from the hustle and bustle.


Facts and Figures




Causeway Bay


2,200 sq.ft.


Hong Kong


Programme Design, Interior Design, Marketing Consultancy

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