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Forecast of Global Mega-trends 2030 2050

Forecast of Consumer Behavioural 2030 2050

Resilient Commercial Development in Local Neighbourhood

Commercial Development Impact on Urban Regeneration

Development Potential for TOD in ASEAN region

O2O Retail Strategies in Commercial Transformation

Public Realm Impact for Local Development Revenue

Public Realm Impact for Development InvestmentĀ 

Saudi Arabia IDTC Development StrategiesĀ 

Healthcare Development Strategies in China

Venice Biennale 2016

Venice Biennale 2018

Venice Biennale 2021

Seychelles Island Tourism

Mauritius Tourism InvestmentĀ 

Sri Lanka Trading Port Investment Overview

New Zealand Community Development Potential

Investment Overview in East Africa

Redevelopment Potential in Low-income Area in Hong Kong

Urban Regeneration Development Model in Bangkok