Our Projects

It’s our goal to design and execute desirable and financially viable projects to create pleasurable places and enhance living standards.

Forest by K

Tianding Innovation Hub

Luxembourg Airport

The Fighters Club III

List-co Headquarter

Makkasan TOD Thailand

Chinese Studies CUHK 

Art Musuem Annex of CUHK

Nanjing Expo

Core Fitness I

Si Racha TOD Thailand

The Gloria


Sanya Masterplanning

QuanXiu 8

Core Fitness II

Metro City TOD Jinan

Sunhe Industrial Complex Renovation

Zhangmen Bar

Masterplanning New Eden New Zealand

MXIS Shijiazhuang

Cafe Athletic

Kru Muay Thai

Horticulture Exposition Beijing

Kwun Tong Design Office

Little Store

Xian High-tech Expo Conference Centre

Tent Hotel

Marinella at Deep Water Bay

JC Club Office

Ximalaya Hotel

Clinic at Popcorn

Peel Rise at the Peak

Double Cove

Fitt Pub

Private Club House

Just Climb


RLP Office

The Fighters Club II

Fencing Sport Acadamy

Renovation in Dongguan

The Fighters Club

Private Villa in Beijing – Grasse

Private Villa – Water Zen

Suara Ombak

Moonlane in Nanjing

HKIA Exhibition at the Mills