A Central Station
connecting the Globe

For a long history, the 24-hectare site served as a depot for the old trains connecting the north and south in Siam memories. While the commercialised south is satiate, the suburbs north remains undeveloped with rundown and piecemeal developments.

Despite the three rails – underground, sky and airport express rails – adjoin at the site, pedestrian connection was sealed off due to heavy traffic and elevated highways. Years of dereliction has turned the vacant land into a luxe of green with insignificant human traces.

The project aims to maximise value and resources by reconnecting the three rails through a comprehensive development. Programmes and functions are carefully designed and articulated based on travel distance and programmes correlation for maximum efficiency and vista. Circulation is meticulously designed to create a service and car free environment in order to encourage walking and cycling. Multi-levelled terraces and piazzas of different scales welcome all walks of life and add to the aura of place. Every park adds to the green of the city and every square adds to the dialogue of the culture.

The project aspires to become the urban life centre for Bangkok and the future central station that links Bangkok with the world.

 Client: CRCCRE

Facts and Figures






2,400,000 sq.m




Master Planning, Architectural Design, Development Consultancy, Preliminary Financial Projection

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