Luxembourg Airport Business Park

The proposal is an attempt to address the future workspace for the transient and the future of working in general. A business park integrated with air and ground traffic in Luxembourg, the world unique financial centre, is taking as an example of how representation and function can be architecturally articulated through coalescing of site constraints and conflicts. 

The masterplan and internal circulation is carefully designed to allow exclusive access for office workers and public transportation for air and ground at the same time. The modular design maximises flexibility in spatial organization and tenancy mix. Extra programmes and facilities are added for sharing and socialising. 

We imagine the future workplace to be lively, exciting and engaging. Terraces and break-out space clustering over the site on different levels provide rooms for meditation and communication. The large elevated public space forms the main stage for public engagement and events. Public spaces are visually connected to facilitate participation. So much as curiosity along the journey of discovery, spatial quality for workplace can be as spectacular and stimulating.

Essentially, the design aims to deliver a vision of workspace that strikes the balance between work and life, and resonates the private with the public realm.

Client:  Luxair S.A., Société Luxembourgeoise de Navigation Aérienne

Facts and Figures




Lux Airport


40,000 sq.m




Programme Design, Masterplanning, Architectural Design, Interior Design

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