List-co Headquarter

The project locates in Songshan Lake in Dongguan, owned by a listco in China who is one of the largest manufacturers for LEDs. 

Aravia was engaged as the lead consultant for the project in 2017 when the area for local jurisdiction was just officially confirmed. After detail analysis, Aravia proposed an open complex where owner, tenants and public can be easily engaged by a series of design strategies:

  1. multilayered public spaces of various scales;
  2. open connection from neighbourhood at various levels;
  3. flexible internal space that are easily convertible programmatically by providing sufficient floor height and building services provision; 
  4. commercial spaces where the façades are detached from the structure;
  5. various paraphernalia in public area for public use and tenants’ presence;
  6. property management, leasing strategy to procure the success of the project in future operation.

The project essentially demonstrates how designers can resolve complications in socio-political circumstances through a joint-hand endeavour with the client and local government for a better public realm.

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