Regeneration For
A Vibrant Port

The 40-hectare site locates at an important junction at the north where the Jinan Yellow River Bridge connecting all provinces in the North lands. The strategic location has turned the area into a logistic processing centre clustering with large warehouses and run-down residential quarters for foreign labour. Despite the rich cultural history, heavy industry, ad hoc commercial and residential developments have left the city with serious air pollution and traffic jam. Parks and the famous artesian springs have become more touristic than substantial for local.

The project is the first phase development to upgrade the area into a mixed use development with a metro running along a 6-lane thoroughfare in the centre of the site. By relocating the metro stations and bus terminal, the proposal distributes circulation flow evenly for maximising the site value and efficiency while providing an all-weathered environment for visitors and residents. A sky corridor and a green podium are designed at the 6th and 20th level connecting all developments around the stations for 24-hour public access. Streets and squares are carefully planned to add to the life of the place.

The project demonstrates how public transportation can be a pleasant experience and seamlessly integrated with both residential and commercial. The mix of programmes and land use is a result of the joint-hand collaboration between developer and government after an extended negotiation among different departments of administration led by the architect.

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2,000,000 sq.m




Master Planning, Architectural Design, Development Consultancy, Preliminary Financial Projection

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